Berrinba Wetlands

City of Logan

Berrinba Wetlands is a popular and significant district parkland and conservation reserve within the City of Logan. In the years following its completion in 2008, it has become a cohesive and vibrant community destination and has proven to be a success in environmental, social and economic terms.

The total site comprises 130 hectares owned by Logan City Council, of which 40 hectares has been developed as a Mixed Industry Business Area (MIBA) with the balance of the site a recreation and wildlife reserve. An overarching philosophy was developed during the master planning phase to define the project by its quality so that the landscape, parkland and remaining bushland reflected Council�s intent to attract sophisticated, �clean and green� enterprises to the area, in addition to providing a landscape of high quality for the community of Logan to enjoy.

The previously degraded site was revegetated with local native plant species that are now thriving; enhancing biodiversity, supporting local ecosystems and creating an invaluable green asset that contributes to a positive local image and sets a �tone� for the environmental goals of its neighbours and the City of Logan itself.

The beautiful wetlands and abundant wildlife attract a range of visitors from bird watchers and school students to local residents, tourists and workers from the local industries. The parkland offers an extensive network of paths, boardwalks and bridges as well as recreational facilities for people of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness.

The parkland celebrates the unique characteristics of its setting and provides a rich range of experiences that has seen it become highly valued by the Logan community.

Arbour On Grey

South Bank Parklands

The Arbour on Grey sits in between Grey and Little Stanley Streets at the South Bank Parklands. The development provides the experience of inner city living, which has come to mean living in close proximity to entertainment, dining, shopping and recreational opportunities. Our commission resulted in a response to the urban frame using the �other� elements of landscape design � light, space and volume.

The brief for the project was considered to be twofold: Firstly, to tie together the landscape elements along Grey and Little Stanley Streets with the new architecture, whilst providing artful connections between the two and South Bank Parklands. Secondly to address the functional issues associated with a building in which all four sides are open to scrutiny by all, including retail, dining, residential and service edges.

The execution of the project upheld both the design aims of the project and the functional requirements of what needed to be a robust and inviting series of spaces.

A minimalist approach was adopted for the introduction of physical objects into an already busy ground plane to create a space of simplicity and rhythm. Introduced sculptural elements have a functional and aesthetic quality and were designed into the lighting to ensure that the space provided an experience for viewers and users, 24/7. Essentially, the task was to provide a day/night experience without too many intrusive physical elements.

The leap from the linear structure of the building and arbour to the lateral spaces in between, was made through the play of light and volume. Light and volume were emphasised through the suspension of a ribbon of sculptural lights which changed in form and extended onto the ground plane. This, together with the exact placement of �hovering� seats with light box �tails� guide the traveller through the space.

Robina Town Centre � Northern Malls Development

Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)

ASPECT Studios Brisbane has been involved in a number of projects at Robina Town Centre including the preparation of a Streetscape Masterplan and designing the landscape works associated with several recent expansions of the Centre. The $400 million Northern Malls expansion of the Robina Town Centre commenced in early 2007 and was completed in mid-2009.The expansion added 40 000m� of new retail, fashion and food to the Centre including a new Promenade area featuring a landmark lakeside dining and entertainment precinct with alfresco dining areas, cinemas, children�s playground, a boardwalk and landscaping.

Landscape works included feature planting to the shopping centre entrance, planting around new alfresco dining areas and semi-aquatic plantings to the edge of a man-made lake which is the focal point of the development. Our designers also advised on interior plantings at seating nodes scattered throughout the mall. The Northern Malls expansion of Robina Town Centre was the Winner of the Shopping Centres Category of the 2010 Property Council Awards and was awarded the 2011 Excellence in design Award at the Property Council of Australia�s Queensland Retail Property Awards. It was also a finalist in the category for Retail Property of the Year.